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Ty Ty! April 12, 2012

Posted by Roo Stercogburn in Uncategorized.

EEK! Where have the last few months gone. Start of December since last post. So, what’s new… well, there’s this:

…which is still to be polished off and will hopefully appear on an EP I’m working on. Mostly it just needs a tiny bit of tidying and a bit of attention to some of the bass in the second half. Electronica with a bunch of styles all thrown in together.

Shortly before I Am Epic, I did this:

…which is completely guitar except for the bassline and drums and couldn’t really be more different from I Am Epic. I had a good laugh working on this. The old B52s song, “Love Shack” starts, “I’ve got me a car thats as big as a whale and its about to set sail! and I couldn’t resist starting with “I’ve got me a car thats as dead as a whale after the Jap fishing fleet has just set sail!”

Again there’s a few tweaks to the mix to complete – some vocals that kick in too loud, etc but its pretty close to being done. I’ve worked out that I now have enough tracks to do a complete guitar-based album but I’m not sure which will make the final cut. Having done a big range of styles it will be hard to decide the exact flavour to go for. I suspect there will be some EPs to keep the like for like tracks together.



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