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Digiflesh – Nothing Real November 19, 2011

Posted by Roo Stercogburn in Uncategorized.

Time for some dystopian industrial. New this weekend is Rob Digiflesh’s EP, “Nothing Real.” I gave it a drive through and overall enjoyed it. The general flavour is very much like the Rob Zombie remixes sans guitar-work. Vocals throughout are pure Zombie and fitted really well with the style of heavily sequenced synthesisers. I tend to like heavy sequencing so this was right up my street.

The EP can be listened to and downloaded at http://digiflesh.net/album/nothing-real

First on the EP is the title track, Nothing Real, which introduces us to very hypnotic sequencer work and has the neema-nomma type of synthesisers I love. Almost impossible not to headnod.

Second up is Ripped Away. Musically like a continuation of Nothing Real. Very similar feel, very similar vocals and very similar synthesiser work. However, as part of the same EP this works. If the vocals were in German you’d have classic DAF.

Finishing off the EP is Locked Inside, continuing the largely monotone vocals. This isn’t a criticism, the single note vocals work well over the heavy sequencing and punchy drumming. I also really liked the coda on this.

Overall this is a good EP, the similarity of the tracks lending it coherence making it like a single 10-minute track with gaps, rather than being irritating. Due to there not being much variation in the contents of each track I don’t think it would work as an album so I think the length has been gauged just right.

I have a personal bias against white-noise snares and percussion, unless they have a lot going on within them. Because there’s a lot of that style of percussion in this EP my one minor quibble was with the snares and hi hats. I listened to both the widget on the website and the download. Of course its better on the downloaded version but I still found it slightly irritating. There’s a hint that there’s a decent ‘crack’ slapping behind the white noise but it doesn’t come across too clearly. As said, its a taste thing and a bias so possibly one you want to let slide.

This is very worth 10 minutes of your time and is going straight onto my MP3 player.



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