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Snow: Upcoming chillout album… October 14, 2011

Posted by Roo Stercogburn in Uncategorized.

Well this has been painstaking. I think the final mixing is close to completion. I’ve spent the last few weeks slaving over minute details of the various piano sounds and languishing over tiny changes in mixes. There are 12 tracks, with the title track, “Snow” sitting in the middle of the track list. It starts with Epher and ends on The Shaman. I wanted a triumphant end to the album and The Shaman, for me, fulfills this nicely. There’s about 2 years worth of musical effort in here.

Ironically, the hardest tracks to mix are the ones with the least on them, since they usually have lots of dynamics within them, causing the numbers on the volume levels to pop red at very inconvenient times. The various pianos have also proved troublesome as mostly I’m aiming at fairly soft tones, though a couple of tracks have deliberately very bright piano which has led to some grumbling at muddy mix complications – now happily sorted.

Fingers crossed I don’t find anything that damages my calm in the next few days in the mixes. Although it causes me to take quite a long time, I tend to favour stepping back from something for a period of time before refining it as it helps with objectivity.

I reckoned I’d have this put to bed about 2 weeks ago. Doh! Ah well, no point in stumbling in a rush just before finishing.



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