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IDMf Soundcheck Episode 2 May 16, 2010

Posted by Roo Stercogburn in Uncategorized.

Podcast from the guys at the IDMf forums. Some very talented people on here with yours truly sneaking in to lower the average IQ…

Or you can download the podcast…

(Right click & save as…)

Track Listing:

1) Anodyne Industries: The Gateway
2) Padlock: Emergency Equine Evacuation
3) Toronto Is Broken: Wormhole
4) Electro Mass: Relived
5) The Soft Greens: Boots and Boots and Boots
6) Jazzyspoon: Deuce Deuce Revolver
7) Persiflage: Triskaidekarrhythmia
8) Bong: Who Are You Are
9) Hypocr.te: I Must Have Dreamt It
10) Roo Stercoburn: Enlightenment and Acceptance
11) When Power Stars Collide: Dancing Strings
12) Frazdog: Frame Of Referance
13) Julien Mier: Windmills and Lantarnlights
14) LiamCampbell: Invisible Enemy Version 2
15) Dataf1ow: Something Wicked
16) Vlantis: Cute Overload

I chuckled when I saw the waveform as its not subtle where my track appears. I didn’t master it or anything and really wasn’t expecting it to be picked up for this podcast because its not dance-oriented, its a purely piano & strings piece. If you look on the Soundcloud waveform you can see a big dip in the overall volume. For any of you that don’t involve yourself in music in any way its basically a production fail on my part. I admit I did a bit of a self-directed facepalm when I saw it.



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