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Soft Top May 11, 2010

Posted by Roo Stercogburn in Uncategorized.

Trancey/trip-hop/techno/electronica. Good vibes. Sometimes it just has to be done 🙂

This started off as a purely piano piece and was going to stay that way. Then I started twiddling some of the stuff and ended up junking several minutes-worth of piano, keeping only the intro and some of what became the lead. It still wasn’t working and the piano got separated into 2 parts, with the August Foerster being used for the intro and break, while a more trancey piano got used for the verse lead.

The snare. Well. Wow. That was supreme fun working on that. I tested many many different snares and styles, as well as spending a long time tweaking some quite complex drums. In the end I junked the lot and went for a very simple beat but the sound still wasn’t quite right. Then I tried a simple electro- white noise /resonance style sound and found what I’d been looking for – a very Kraftwerk style snare.

There’s a huge amount of automation in this track, filter sweeps, some pulse width modulation control, various FX-tweaking and of course here and there individual volume on certain tracks. The goal was to make it suitably trancey while using the piano to keep the whole thing feeling warm.



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