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Walking Eagle April 10, 2010

Posted by Roo Stercogburn in Uncategorized.

This one took a bit of research and ultimately a very large amount of programming with several revisions from its original format. During the research I came across the Walking Eagle urban myth and instantly the song had a title (well not quite instantly, when I was able to stop laughing).

The story goes that George W. Bush attended a meeting of Native Americans and gave a speech, at the conclusion of which he was presented with a plaque bearing his new Indian name, “Walking Eagle”. He then left, very pleased with his new honourific. Later, when a curious news reporter enquired as to the meaning of the name, one of the chiefs explained that Walking Eagle is a bird so full of shit that it can no longer fly.

This song has the most complicated programming I’ve done to date in terms of both FX and midi, even if much of the music itself is not as complicated as some of the piano pieces I’ve done. There’s a lot of envelope mapping for VSTs and FX. Heaps of geeky fun.



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